The dawn of a new education medium needs a new delivery platform.

Learntron - Online Education Edition helps you take our brick-and-mortar courses and repurpose them for the online medium

Blending of live and self-paced learning to achieve never-seen-before engagement

Only 5% of those who take an online course complete it. We solve this problem by making online courses blended

Unique concept of breaking a course into “courselets”
Self-paced courselets to learn at your own pace
Live courselets for 2-way interactive learning
MOOC courselets for leveraging the best of open courses

Refreshing self-paced learning experience, more than videos and assessment

Activity-based learning

Breakdown each self-paced courselet into smaller "activities". Choose from close to 10 activities combining conceptual, visual and kinesthetic learning.

Design recommendations

Ensure you never build a boring courselet through smart recommendations to improve engagement.

Assessment on video

Intersperse videos with pop questions to improve engagement. Learners get to progress on the video only if each video question is answered right.

The power of annotations

Personalise every activity as a learner with your takeaways in the form of context-sensitive annotations, even on videos.


Pique learners' competitive instincts by benchmarking them with peers or through analytics on where they stand with respect to their peer group.

Social learning

Social feeds for each courses. Likes and comments on each courselet. We know today's learner is a social animal.

A scalable and novel live classroom experience. Put an end to boring screen share based virtual classrooms that won't work at scale.

webRTC based, high-fidelity live streaming

Scalable to 300 concurrent users in a session

Bandwidth-light, works at 512 kbps

2 way audio-video and chat

Mobile friendly

Lightweight recordings for replay

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