Graduate your school to true tablet-driven education

Bring powerful lesson planning, student tablet control and never-seen-before collaboration, ushering in a new era of tablet based delivery.

Put an end to the practice of

Converge learning to a single app (Learntron) and make it the centre-stage of digital activities! Let your students participate in active learning by making them...

Make annotations on your shared digital content
Take a quiz in-class and understand where they went wrong
Present to the rest of the class
Watch a video with pop questions
Participate in a discussion
Solve problems in groups

Create stunning lesson plans marrying the best of the open web and your originality as a teacher.

Lesson plans get created as you teach

Your in-class activities like presentations, quizzes get added as a lesson plan for you to reuse later.

At home engagement

Get your students fully engaged at home through before-class activities like links to web pages, YouTube videos and after-class activities like discussions or assignments.

Learning Analytics

Get detailed reports on which students missed a pre-class activity and how it related to his performance.

Convenience and collaboration

Pre-populated lesson plan objectives from Common Core. Share your plans with fellow teachers to deliver the same student experience across your campus.

All work and no play make Jack and Jill focused and smart!

Lock tablet to Learntron during school hours. Block camera, browser and games. Whitelist educational apps. Get email alerts on those who broke security.

Learntron for K-12 is used by

That's not it.

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Cross platform

Learntron works on Android tablets, iPads and Windows PCS / hybrids.

Flexibility of deployment

We can host this application on your campus servers or on the cloud. Either way, it will be secure and reliable.

Parent logins

We haven't forgotten parents, the key stakeholders in a child's learning. They get access to Learntron, along with key learning and participation analytics.

Email notifications

Get daily reports of teacher activity, weekly summaries of product usage and reminders for tasks.

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