Turbocharge your workforce! Institutionalise your knowledge!

Learntron - Corporate Edition is a modern, mobile friendly corporate LMS, webinar, employee engagement and knowledge management tool rolled into one.

Skills-focussed, not HR-driven training! We know employees hate courses!

Only 5% of those who take an online course complete it. We solve this problem by making online courses blended

Breakdown learning into skills and knowledge areas (not courses)
Align skills and knowledge areas with KPIs
Break skills and knowledge areas into modules
Make modules blended, both live and self-paced

Online training’s a game! And social too!

Variety of activities

Create training modules from a diverse set of activity types, leveraging all your existing assets like documents, presentations, videos and assessments.

Gamified training modules

Structure your training modules as levels in a game. Reward through badges and leaderboards.


Breakdown employee performance by correlating training performance with KPIs. Get detailed participation and performance analytics from a module aggregating to a skill.

Social learning

Allow employees to like and comment on modules. Create a social feed for every skill, for employee peer-learning.

Integrate virtual townhalls and product upgrade webinars into your work schedule. Save those flight and hotel costs!

webRTC based, high-fidelity live streaming

Scalable to 300 employees in a session

Bandwidth-light, works at 512 kbps

2 way audio-video and chat

Mobile friendly

Lightweight recordings for replay

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